Fall is Here

It's that time of the year, Fall is in the air. Halloween was one of my favorite times to dress up. With the weather we never know what it will bring. We could be in shorts or long under wear. Heck we might even get some rain. I have been going to the office on the weekends to clean up. There is a lot of shredding going on. 

The flu bug is coming! Get your Echinacea Premium from us and start taking 2 a day now. Always remember to do Congaplex if you feel like you're getting sick. Another prevention is Immuplex. Also Antronex acts as a antihistamine. 

Speaking of Echinacea Premium and VACCINATIONS if you have one, give Echinacea Premium three weeks before and after that horrid shot.

We have all heard the recommendation and claims that “an aspirin a day can keep the doctor away”, stop those aches and pains, and prevent a stroke or heart attack. Inflammation is a sign that the body is trying to heal itself from an infection or degenerative process, which are both an outcome of poor nutrition. Simply put, aspirin blocks the pain in the areas that are inflamed and interferes with the proper metabolism of the platelets in the blood. Yet the ads make aspirin sound like it’s a lifesaver!

But aspirin is no substitute for the real problem: a deficiency of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to stay healthy. Because aspirin only works when the body is not able to absorb fatty acids, which means it’s out of balance. So don’t forget to take your CATALYN!

It’s baffling how many people take their daily aspirin, believing that’s going to make them healthier. How can the public be so misinformed that they would start taking something that ultimately will do their body harm, thinking it is good for them?

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